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To Our Friends: (Wunee Keesug – Good Day!)


Even with our struggles during the pandemic, we still have good news. As you may know, the Aquinnah Cultural Center (ACC) was unable to open this season. All of our events, including the Native Artisans Festival and our annual Fundraiser were cancelled. This significantly affected our operating budget. We have all faced many challenges this year. Despite that, we are grateful and thankful to live in such an amazing community.


The ACC received a Massachusetts (MA) Humanities Cares Act grant for operations support as well as a MA Humanities Organizational Support grant. A NEFA Resiliency Grant for strategic planning, staffing, museum exhibits and installations has helped to keep us moving forward. An NEA Arts Works grant extended an ongoing grant that gives the Center the ability to teach cultural arts and business skills to empower the next generation of Wampanoag artists.


We received grants from The Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard, The Farm Neck Foundation and the Pickman Foundation. These generous supporters assist the ACC in expanding access to authentic Wampanoag culture and history to Island youth and their families, particularly those in elementary school. These grants will be ongoing throughout the school year through virtual classroom experience.


The ACC received funding for our collection assessment through the Aquinnah Community Preservation Committee. This was completed in 2020 working with the Museum and Collector Resource organization. Work to maintain the museum was also supported by a MA Cultural Council grant given to the Town of Aquinnah to upgrade the Vanderhoop homestead to include installation of a heating/cooling system that will allow work to go on later into the season.


The ACC was very fortunate to be able to present a virtual talk with Dr. Elizabeth Hoover, Associate Professor of American Studies at Brown University. The talk, “Farmers, Chefs, & Water Protectors: Food Sovereignty in Indian County” was very well attended. Professor Hoover addressed, among many things, food inequity in Indian Country.


It is our hope that in 2021 we will be able to have our Fundraiser and Festivals and continue our work with Danza Organica to expand on past performances. It has been exciting to tell the story of how the Wampanoag people came to be here through our dance, our music and our voice!


Yet throughout this crazy summer, we have remained focused and working towards accomplishing these goals. The ACC will need your ongoing generosity more than ever to continue to be successful. We humbly ask for your support and thank you for all the years you have stood by us.


Kutâputush (Thank You)

Berta Giles Welch

President, Aquinnah Cultural Center

The ACC has received a determination from the Internal Revenue Service that it is exempt from federal taxes as a 501(c)3 organization. In accordance with IRS regulations, the above-signed attests that no goods or services were provided in consideration for this gift.