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Wunee Keesuq (Good Day)!


Dear friends and family of the Aquinnah Cultural Center:


We have just completed our 14th season in the Aquinnah Wampanoag Indian Museum, housed in the Edwin DeVries Vanderhoop Homestead in the Aquinnah Circle Cultural District. This year, we enlarged and enhanced our ongoing exhibits and successfully expanded partnerships that helped generate enthusiasm for our unique programming. 


Our annual August Fundraiser highlighted an exciting new collaboration between the ACC and The Yard. Wampanoag artists worked closely with Danza Organica, an Afro-Taino dance troupe from the Boston area, to tell some of our origin story and history through movement and music. Beautifully hand-painted silk panels created by Ella Mahoney framed the stage for the performance, which was well received by all in attendance. Many of our own board members were included as performers. This collaboration has been enthusiastically received and will continue to grow. In fact, the group shared the developing piece in October at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day!  Sponsored by The Yard, we plan on expanding the piece and broadening our audience. So stay tuned! 


We hosted a talk with well-known Potowatomi Botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of “Braiding Sweet Grass”, in August. By pairing with the Island Grown Initiative, we were able to reach an immense audience of interested patrons. Ms. Kimmerer is an environmentalist who emphasizes indigenous wisdom in our relationship to the earth and each other. Many thanks go out to the staff of IGI for helping to make this such a successful event! 


Our Native Artisans Festival continues to be an anticipated island event that attracted many new artists and visitors in July! 


We hosted an expanded “Our Story” exhibit, with new panels once again. Powerfully executed with video and audio, the exhibit explores a part of the painful history of early contact between the Wampanoag & European explorers/colonists that is rarely discussed.


We will continue our programming throughout the off- season, including the Winter “Fun-raisers”, which one patron said reminded her of “old Gay Head” - that feeling that even though we have the smallest population on island, we have the closest community and the best parties! Come join us for this and other events. 


We also wish to acknowledge the volunteers who helped at various events throughout the year, as well as our docents that hosted visitors at the Museum, and helped to make all of our annual events a success: Tracey Adams, Shelly Carter, Emerson Mahoney, Trainer Ward, and Beverly Wright.


In order to continue our growth and to provide awareness and understanding of the integral part of American history that the Wampanoag people have played, we need your continued support. We are so thankful for the commitments that have enabled us to offer the afore-mentioned programming. We are dedicated to educating the public about our Tribal presence here in our Island Homeland. Please consider giving today! 


The ACC is a 501(c)3 organization, and as always, your generous contribution is tax deductible.


Kutaputunumuw, (Thank You All)




Berta G Welch , President 


Aquinnah Cultural Center Board of Directors:

Kristina Hook , Vice President; Beverly Wright, Treasurer; Carole Vandal, Secretary; Adriana Ignacio; Janette Vanderhoop; and Durwood Vanderhoop 

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