Artisans Market

Summer Artisan's Fair

This year's Artisan Market and Festival will be held on Saturday, July 16 from 11 AM - 4 PM at the Aquinnah Circle.

Wampanoag Community Zooms

Wampanoag Tribal Members are encouraged to participate in these regularly occurring zooms. Tribal Elders, Artisans, Traditionalists, Wôpanâak Speakers and more will be spending time sharing wisdom, insight, methodology, and stories for the community. Come learn, explore, grow, and connect with us! 

Big Shout out to
Wôpanâak Way and the Bolling sisters for helping make these zooms happen! 


Virtual Events

Wampanoag Weave Their Story Through the Wampum Belt Project


After centuries of feeling silenced, erased and “hidden in plain sight,” the Wampanoag Tribe will tell its own story through a traditional form of art.

The Wampum Belt Project was a collaboration involving more than 100 tribal members in different Wampanoag nations. The process of hand-crafting the 10mm beads was led by Aquinnah Wampanoag Artist Jason Widdiss. Jason along with Aquinnah Wampanoag Tracey Adams and Mashpee Wampanoag Hartman Deetz crafted nearly 10,000 beads for the belt. The Weaving of the belt was led by tribal member Julia Marden with Aquinnah Wampanoag Linda Coombs and Mashpee Wampanoag Paula Peters doing the research and development of the project. The beads were woven onto brain-tanned buckskin lace, which was masterfully done by Andre Strongbearheart Gaines (Nipmuc Nation).

The Wampum Belt Project goes beyond telling the story of the Wampanoag Tribe in its voice. Tribal members hope it will also lead to deepening connections and the eventual rediscovery of an important tribal artifact.