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Aquinnah Cultural Center

Wunee Keesuq, Nâtôquhsak wanah Neetôpâak (Good Day, Family & Friends):

This past year saw our Aquinnah Cultural Center team adjusting to the “new normal” of living and operating as safely as possible during an ongoing pandemic. Despite this challenge, we continue to tell the story of how the Wampanoag people came to be here through our dance, music, and voices! Brad Lopes (Aquinnah Wampanoag) joined our team in the Spring as the new Program Director and was instrumental, along with our amazing team of docents, in reopening the Indian Museum after it was shuttered all last year. It now features the “From The Land: Our Story of Colonization and Perseverance” exhibit, which has been well received. We hope that you were able to come see it, but if not, plan to visit next year!

ACC was selected to participate in the Powering Cultural Futures initiative – as announced in October by the Barr Foundation [] and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. A collaboration between these foundations, this six-year initiative connects and supports 15 arts organizations rooted in Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities across Massachusetts.

We are SO grateful for all the support we’ve received, and continue to receive, from all of you! Your contributions, combined with grant support, allowed us to:

• Develop and open the new “From the Land” exhibit;

• Bring the Native Artisans Festival back to Aquinnah Circle;

• Co-sponsor the 1st Indigenous People’s Day event on Noepe;

• Hold our 1st annual 2020 Virtual Artisans Festival;

• Provide workshops, training and other supports for Wampanoag artists;

Our plans for this year include expanding our operations and programming, developing a collections preservation plan, and continuing our artist development workshops. Please visit the ACC website for other upcoming events.


We hope that 2022 will bring more opportunities for safe in-person engagement, in addition to our virtual offerings. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or check for upcoming events. The future is bright for the ACC and we would appreciate your continued generosity more than ever to ensure Wampanoag culture is preserved and appreciated. We humbly ask for your support and thank you for all the years you’ve stood by us.

Kutâputunumuw (Thank you all),

Berta Giles Welch

President, Aquinnah Cultural Center

The ACC has received a determination from the Internal Revenue Service that it is exempt from federal taxes as a 501(c)3 organization. In accordance with IRS regulations, the above-signed attests that no goods or services were provided in consideration for this gift.