Culture and Education

The Cultural Center has worked to expand how it brings information to the community, including things like: in-class cultural presentations at Island Schools, providing crafting kits and instructional materials to Wampanoag Tribal Members, working with Sassafras Earth Education to bring Indigenous Peoples Day to Martha's Vineyard, and much more.

How We Connect

In The Classroom

The ACC works with local schools to provide special cultural presentations (lifeways, transitional period, stories), special tours of the Homestead with content accessible to the age, and with the creation of special Wampanoag History curricula.

Via Zoom 

With COVID came ZOOM. The ACC is currently utilizing ZOOM to create space for Wampanoag Tribal Members to gather and share cultural knowledge and tribal history. Ensuring generational wisdom is passed along is incredibly important to us.

At The Market

The Cultural Center hosts a number of Artisans Markets throughout the year. This provides opportunities to teach young people traditional methods like hand-drilling wampum, or weaving sinew into sturdy line for a necklace or bracelet.  

If you are interested in becoming a partner in outreach or are looking to find out more about who the ACC partners with to make Culture and Education Outreach happen click the button below or hit the "Community" button in the menu.

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