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Community Partners

We believe that thoughtful community partnerships are central to carrying out our mission. We can’t do it alone! Partnering with others who share our mission and whose journeys are aligned with ours helps us all expand our impact.

From dance and performance arts with Danza Orgánica, to Wampanoag community engagement through virtual and in-person events with The Wôpanâak Way, we are motivated to continue pursuing shared knowledge and visibility. We look forward to creating even more exciting partnerships!

Reach out to us for more details.

DO and Ella silks

Danza Orgánica

For the past three years, Danza Orgánica, a Taino dance group based out of Boston, MA, has been working in close partnership with the ACC on powerful new work that tells our story. The piece includes dance, song, installation, and storytelling, and is being developed in close collaboration with members of the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe. through.

Wopanaak Way Insta.jpg

The Wôpanâak Way

A grass-roots movement started by Aquinnah Wampanaog two sisters, NaDaizja and Tysonnae Bolling, The Wôpanâak Way celebrates Wampanoag culture and history. This includes, but is not limited to events and wisdom sharing around Wampanoag crafts, ecological knowledge, and traditional storytelling which the ACC assists in hosting.

see logo.jpg

Sassafras Earth Education

A Nature-based camp run by tribal elder, David Two-Arrows Vanderhoop, Sassafras works to connect children and families with the natural world that we have come to take for granted. SEE has also been working toward better recognition and acknowledgement of Wampanaog people in the wider context of Aquinnah and Martha's Vineyard.


MV Public Charter School

The Charter School was quick to find ways to incorporate the Aquinnah Cultural Center into their unique education model, including adopting the first official Wampanoag land acknowledgement, in-class cultural presentations, and grade visits to the museum to view the Homestead and learn about the history housed here.

town aq seal.png

The Town of Aquinnah

The Aquinnah Cultural Center would not have its home at the Edwin D. Vanderhoop Homestead without the cooperation of the Town. We appreciate their continued assistance in highlighting Indigenous artisans, maintaining the Homestead grounds, and supporting our events and fundraisers. 

Danza Organica Show

The Yard

The center for all things Dance on Martha's Vineyard, The Yard strives for promoting storytelling with our bodies. The Yard is a keystone in our connection with Danza Orgánica, and has provided a wonderful space for retreats, workshops, and performances that help Wampanoag people tell our stories.

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